Specialist in Advertising Agency Management & Accounting


Mim Davis is a financial, systems and management consultant to Advertising Agencies & Media Buying Firms. 
An expert in the industry, she is contracted by agencies to be responsible for the financial management of the business to allow the the owners and senior teams more time to concentrate on other priorities and the growth of their agency. 
Various working arrangements include handling one-time projects, on-going assignments per scope of work or being contracted as an outsourced part-time CFO.  Longer term retainers can be negotiated to include serving as part of the management team in running the financial and systems processes of an agency.

Mission Statement

To offer financial, management, and business consulting to service-related companies; specializing in the advertising agency, design, public relations and marketing industries.  Includes providing financial, accounting, business management, systems processing, and training.  To furnish support in the areas of accounting, forecasting and budgeting, cash flow, management, procedures, training programs, seminars, financial and strategic planning needed to help improve productivity, efficiencies, growth and profitability for all clients.

To practice a high level of ethics, dependability and integrity which is essential to achieve the goals and mission of this company.  To work with a passion to help in the success of the lives of others.  To not only assist in the facilitation of the success or wins of others but to also develop long-term relationships as a true service provider and support partner. 

Mim Davis provides financial services to advertising and marketing agencies as well as general businesses. The accounting and financial services provided are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring results and maximized returns. 

For small agencies as well as large national firms a continual review and awareness of current trends, latest technologies and systems remains a priority to brings best practices to clients.  This ensures a quick response and provides relevant information, experience and perspective. Mim is well-informed and continually adapts to the ever-changing world of accounting, management, media and systems.

My Commitment To You
I  treat all of my clients with courtesy and integrity. I guarantee efficient and honest service that achieves remarkable results.  I have over 30 years  of notable expertise that ensures that your projects are in good hands.  I have a consistent track record of uncompromising ethics in work, confidentiality, confidence and trust ~ all done on time and on the mark!  

I am available to help with special projects, systems reviews, conversion and support and other areas where you need outside expertise.  In addition, I am also hired on as a part-time CFO.  With all the corporate downsizing, it is often smarter to work on contract to arrange financing, manage cash flow forecasting system, restore credit or create and manage a budget for your company. Just as important, I can serve as a clear-headed strategic planner--something that will help ensure your growth plans actually make financial sense.